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Last Updated: 6/28/2022 5:09 PM


Owen County Family Resource Center

Janetta Briscoe, Coordinator


Office located in Owen Co. Lower Elementary

1925 Hwy 22 East, Owenton, KY 40359
Phone: 502-484-4014
Hours: 7:30-3:30, Monday-Friday


Welcome to OCES!   If you have any concerns about a student or any questions,  give me a call.  Here are a few examples of what we do......


Basic Needs Including:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Food (Emergency and Weekend Power Pack Bags)
  • Housing Assistance

Health/Wellness Services Including:

  • Vision ( appointment assistance as well as financial)
  • Dental ( appointment assistance as well as financial)
  • Mental Health ( referrals and financial)
  • Home Visit if needed

Educational Enrichment and Support:

  • School Supplies and Backpacks
  • Arts Programs and Residencies
  • Educational Assemblies
  • Home Visits when Parents/Guardians can't be reached

Childcare or Afterschool Program Assistance:

  • Assistance with Paperwork or Referrals
  • Childcare Assistance/Scholarships for CLC if needed


2022 Summer Outreach Days


  Outreach 2     Outreach 3    Outreach 4    Outreach 5


  Outreach 6     Outreach 7    Outreach 8      Outreach 9


  Outreach 10     Outreach 11    Outreach 12    Outreach 13




Hooked on Science Program with Jason Lindsey


Science1   Science 2  Science 3  Science 4




 Grandparents as Parents Appreciation Luncheon



Jan   jan1  gp1   gp5



Build a Reading Buddy Family Literacy Event


   Build 1       Build2       Build 3

   Build4       Build 5       Build 6



Cincinnati Children's Theatre Performance of "Nutcracker Rocks"


Nutcracker1   Nutcracker2   Nutcracker3   Nutcracker4



Exploring the World of Cooking Program


  Cooking 1             Cooking2           Cooking3

  Cooking4             Cooking6           Cooking5



Summer Outreach Field Trips to Defy and Lexington Legends


   Fieldtrip1         fieldtrip2         fieldtrip3

   fieldtrip4         fieldtrip5         fieldtrip6