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District Vision and Mission

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Core Beliefs:

  1. We believe that all students should be provided hands-on, personalized learning opportunities that inspire and engage them in self-discovery, curiosity and life application.
  2. We believe parents must be engaged to play a well-defined and meaningful role in the lives of their students at school.
  3. We believe that students need to be challenged intellectually so they DO NOT fear the challenge but embrace it.
  4. We believe that everyone does not learn in the same way.  Some require more time, resources and different ways of teaching to be successful.
  5. We believe our students deserve the best possible educational experience regardless of their backgrounds.  
  6. We believe compassionate teachers need to challenge their students to achieve their desired success.  



Owen County students/staff will:

Respect others

Experience Learning

Build relationships

Expect Excellence


              Seek Opportunities  


Our mission at Owen County Schools is to provide opportunities and resources where all students will develop perseverance and a passion for life-long learning in a safe, supportive, educational environment.  


Collective Commitments:

  1. We will challenge students by utilizing multiple resources and teaching strategies to create hands-on, personalized learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our students.
  2. Schools will commit to training all teachers in personalized learning and expect its implementation.
  3. We commit to changing classroom instruction in order to provide hands-on engaging opportunities for our students.
  4. Model and communicate our vision to students and our community!
  5. We will actively engage families in their child’s education by providing interactive opportunities to be involved in the learning process.
  6. Continue commitment to Leader in Me instruction – progress monitoring and character development. (Elementary and Middle School)
  7. Establish a process that fosters and collects student voice input.